Wax Attack Lithium Polisher - WA12212

by Mothers
Sold out

The portable polisher with our new 14.4V fast charge lithium battery. The fast
charging Lithium battery is ready to go in 45 minutes whilst you wash and
prepare your car.
Upgraded 60W motor, Sleek black finish.Random Orbital Action, Professional swirl free finish Will not burn or mar your painted automotive surfaces. Uses less wax with greater results and protects in minutes. Upgraded to include Mothers® California Gold® Synthetic Wax

Polishing your car, boat and motorhome is now a whole lot simpler, perfect professional results first time, every time!


Lightweight Portable Polisher and charger, 1 x Mothers® California Gold Car Wash 473ml, 1 x Mothers® California Gold Synthetic Wax 473ml, 2 x MLH® Microfibre Polishing Cloths, 2 x Grey Anti-Splatter Foam Applicator Pads, 1 x Fast Rechargeable 14.4V Lithium Battery, 1 x Car Care Instructional DVD featuring Mothers®, MLH® and Wax Attack

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