Smart Jump Start Charger 1500 Amp - SJS1500

by SJS
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Jump Start most Vehicles up to 4.2 Litre DIESEL & 7 Litre PETROL. It has a 16,000 mAh (44.4 WHr) lithium polymer battery which can power 12V DC Appliances.


POWER PACK SIZE : 185 x 85 x 38mm WEIGHT : 550g
JUMP START OUTPUT : 12V DC 600 Amp Max Peak Clamp Power / 300 Amp Max Start Clamp Power
JUMPER LEADS : Jump Start Safe Technology 8 AWG cable. Reverse Charge. Short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, overheat/overcrank temperature sensor, power pack low volatge indicator, anti-surge protection, vehicle battery low voltage override.
BATTERY CHARGERS: SAA Approved 240vAC/ 15vDC 1 amp wall charger. 12v /15v DC 800mA Car charger
OPERATING TEMP : -20 Deg C to 60 deg C
SELF DISCHARGE : 0.2v per month depending on ambient storage temperature with the power pack switched off.
DEVICE CHARGING: USB port 5V DC, 2.1A x 2 with 2 in 1 cable IS8 compliant.
LED FLASHLIGHT : 3 MODE Full, S.O.S, Emergency Flash

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