NGK Ignition Lead Set (Mercedes-Benz) - RC-MBL811

by NGK
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  • Mercedes 180E (W201) 1991 - 1994 1.8L (M102.910 engine)
  • Mercedes 190E (W201) 1984 - 1992 1.8L (M102.910) 2.0L (M102.962) 2.3L (M102.985)
  • Mercedes 230E (W124) 1986 - 1993 2.3L (M102.982)

For correct fitment, go to NGK Online Catalogue and find your relevant part number. Once you have that part number, find it here using our "Search" page.

NGK is a world leading Spark Plug brand that also specialises in ignition leads.

NGK Ignition Leads are packaged in sets, and include the coil to distributor when applicable. Each set is tailored to the correct lead length and thickness in 5, 7 or 8mm variants, for the exact make and model specified.

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