ADB Performance Brake Pad Set - ADB1045

by ADB
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For correct fitment, go to the ADB Online Catalogue and find your relevant part number. Once you have that part number, find it here using our "Search" page.

adb brake pads are available for virtually every car on Australian roads! With access to over 1000 international applications.

adb (Australian Disc Brakes) brakes meet or exceed the original equipment standard and are certified in compliance with the Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission Regulation VESC V-3 by the Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency (AMECA).

Once you have fitted adb brakes you can forget about them. With adb brakes you don't pay for a name you pay for the quality. Discover the proven benefits. Competitive edge against competitors. Guarantee warranty 24,000kms/12month. Proven and Trusted quality and reliability. Extensive range for all makes and models.

Ford Fairlane ZC (PBR Caliper) 1969-70 - Front
Ford Fairlane ZD (PBR Caliper) 1970-71 - Front
Ford Fairlane ZF (PBR Caliper) 1972-73 - Front
Ford Fairlane ZH, Marquis, LTD, ZJ, LTD FC 1976-81 - Front
Ford Fairlane ZK, LTD (PBR Caliper) 1981-83 - Front
Ford Fairlane ZL, FE LTD (PBR Caliper) 1984-88 - Front
Ford Falcon XA (PBR Caliper) 1972-73 - Front
Ford Falcon XB (PBR Caliper) 1973-73 - Front
Ford Falcon XB, GT351(PBR Caliper) 1973-73 - Front
Ford Falcon XC (All modles) (PBR Caliper) 1967-79 - Front
Ford Falcon XD (PBR Caliper) 1979-81 - Front
Ford Falcon XE (PBR Caliper) 1982-84 - Front
Ford Falcon XF (PBR Caliper) 1984-88 - Front
Ford Falcon XY GT-HO Phase III (PBR Caliper) - Front

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